LOCATION: Canal Works – Bristol, PA.

INDUSTRY: Healthcare Research and Marketing

SPACE: 9,000 sq. ft

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KSS Architects


Triad – Jane Moni


Canal Works International Construction Team


Collaborate with Architect to create a destination to attract and retain employees. Client wanted a space that looked similar to Urban Outfitters and emphasize on the existing historical elements of a former canal mill.


Meetings, product information, 3D views, furniture layouts, 3D renderings, concept boards, etc.


6 months


Worked seamlessly with the architect to create a warm and inviting environment that has captured the attention of publications as one of the coolest places to work.


We worked with Allstate when we moved into our new offices (in an old building) in Bristol, PA. It was a complicated move for us from a space utilization standpoint - we were going from an environment with private offices to a much more open plan. Allstate really did more than just work with us - they consulted with us on issues that were of concern to us (for example, how do we give someone a sense of privacy in an open space?) and then followed-through with specific options to address those higher-level concerns. Another area where they excelled with helping us form a design perspective. We were going for a particular "vibe" in our office, and the Allstate team worked with both our architects and our internal design team to make sure that was achieved. In addition, their team was sensitive to two additional functional requirements: budget and installation. They were able to work within our budget (and still deliver on the "vibe") and kept us calm during a hectic installation period (the move-in date kept getting pushed back based on contractor delays). We felt that they were really committed to our overall success on this move for us, and weren't just focused on selling us a bunch of furniture. Andrew Aprill - President